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Running man 😀

Running Man
Running Man

I heard this show from my bestfriends, they said I should watch the show because it’s so funny and so entertaining. The episode I watched for the first time is not so funny at the beginning, so I skipped those and loosing the will to watch the show. But, there is sometimes I feel so bored, then I tried another episode of them. And, the result is, I completely fall in love with the show XP

The guest that I like so much is Yong Hwa, hihi


Halo, salam kenal ya.

Aku Istiana Sutanti, seorang ibu dari 3 orang perempuan yang hobi sekali mengajak anak-anak untuk traveling bersama.

Di blog ini aku sharing pengalaman traveling kami sekeluarga plus pelajaran parenting yang aku dapatkan, baik dari pengalaman pun dari seminar parenting.

Semoga kalian suka membaca pengalaman traveling kami dan semoga membantu untuk menentukan tujuan traveling kalian berikutnya! ;)

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