Bahagia Itu Bersyukur

Kalau bisa dibilang, apa rahasia buat jadi bahagia, saya akan jawab bersyukurSeriously, you have to be grateful to see what you’ve had now. Then, you realize how many that you have. Then, you’re gonna be happy. Gak habis-habis kalau kita bersyukur saat bahagia saja karena ya gimana mau bahagia kalau gak bisa melihat hidup ini indah, gimana mau bahagia kalau gak bisa bersyukur?

Apa  yang dipunya sekarang terasa kuraaang terus kalau yang dicari itu bahagianya duluan, bukan bersyukurnya duluan. Walau jujur, emang bersyukur itu suliiit sekali, terlebih saat kekurangan. Mengatur keuangan rasanya udah dag dig dug dari awal bulan, cukup atau enggak. Kalau bersyukur dan bisa menerima apa yang ada, insyaAllah akan cukup terus, entah dari mana saja datangnya rejeki tambahan itu.

Kita bekerja tuk bersyukur, menegakkan taat, & berbagi manfaat. Tapi rizqi tak selalu terletak di pekerjaan kita; Allah taruh sekehendakNya.

-Salim A. Fillah-

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Be More Grateful and You’ll Be Happy

There are so much beautiful things if we start to see our life deeper and think more positive. Yea, we just need a little more effort so that we can be grateful about our life and see how beautiful it is.

Being Thankful
Being Thankful

Yesterday, me, my husband, and Naia was enjoying the Sunday evening with doing some walk in our neighborhood and start to walking down the former candidate of our rented house.

There are some house which the neighbors are dominated by men. There are some house that doesn’t get any sunlight because there is a big wall right in front of the house. And there are some house that right next to the pond (just thinking when Naia start to walk, she will not be able to stop her step until she fall right to the pond :P). By looking at those, we start to think how lucky we are to get the house we live in now and we start to be more grateful.

That’s not all. Last year, my husband ever mentioned that he wanted to open some small restaurant and looking for the person who wanted to spend some money on it and the person who could running the operational. Sounds impossible for me. What is my husband do if he couldn’t spend his money and didn’t do the operational either?

But, last Friday the small restaurant called “Kedai ORI12” was officially opened. ORI12 means Oscar, Ricky, and Ilman in 2012. That is my husband’s group of S2, they are studying the master of creative business at IDS, year 2012. And yea, that restaurant belongs to my husband and his friends.

At the beginning, we do forget all of my husband’s desire to open a small restaurant like that. But after I visited those restaurant, I’ve got some flashback when my husband mentioned his desire a year ago. And guess what? After I thought back, My husband doesn’t spend some money on it and doesn’t do the operational either. Hahah, dream comes true in a year, what a luck..!

Then, what my husband do? He do the marketing and finance, heheh.

And those thought surely make us believe and make us be more grateful of Allah’s greatness. Alhamdulillaah. Now, I’m start to think how good and how meaningful my life motto is.

Happy to be grateful instead of grateful of being happy ^^

Bahagia karena bersyukur, bukan bersyukur karena bahagia ^^

You will always get what you need the most, not what you want the most.