Last Sunday, my husband and I was watching this movie. It is a documentary movie that shows you the life of four babies around the world. There are Ponijao from Namibia (which in my opinion living the wild life, hihihi), Bayar from Mongolia, Mari from Japan, and Hattie from California.


For me, it’s an interesting movie considering we already have a baby too. We were so into it because we ~sort of~ could feel their parents feelings, how happy we were when she/he was born and how happy we are watching them growing everyday 😛


Halo, salam kenal ya.

Aku Istiana Sutanti, seorang ibu dari 3 orang perempuan yang hobi sekali mengajak anak-anak untuk traveling bersama.

Di blog ini aku sharing pengalaman traveling kami sekeluarga plus pelajaran parenting yang aku dapatkan, baik dari pengalaman pun dari seminar parenting.

Semoga kalian suka membaca pengalaman traveling kami dan semoga membantu untuk menentukan tujuan traveling kalian berikutnya! ;)

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