My life recently

Hum..somehow, I  just want to write it in English..(just practicing my English again :p)

It’s still morning and even though I still feel sleepy and want to get more sleep, I’m choosing not to (in order to make it my new habit, don’t fall asleep anymore after my dawn prayer). And instead of it, I choose to write this posting. In two posts earlier, I just talk about my day but here I just want to write down my life recently, how is it going and what do I do now.

Hum, in these semester, finally I’m choosing to complete my study in course based way, resigning PELATDA and joining in Univind (the IT company that formed by my college’s friends). When I was still joining Pelatda, it was fun but somehow I didn’t feel happy. The friendship in Pelatda was fun but not the atmosphere when it was in practice. Somehow, I just didn’t get the energy that I usually got, it was different. Maybe, I was begin to be bored in Kempo, or maybe because it was begin to became my burden :s.

Actually, I feel that I have found my purpose of life (huhu, this whole time I just didn’t found it yet and it needs a long time to find it 🙁 ). For the whole time, I was just go with the flow in my life. What will be happen, just be happen. But now, after I was releasing that thing (the thing that haunting me for such a long time and I feel sorry to myself because of it), I am begin to see what my purpose of life is and what will I do to achieve it.

So, in 2010, exactly in the beginning of this year, I decided to determine what I want to do exactly in my life. I was begin to releasing all of my burden, Pelatda and that thing. And that time (until now), I was interesting in my friend’s company. I just want to be a part of it, the company that will become an international level. Besides, I want to learn more about web designing too. So, I was asking my friends (Ilman and Kamal) if I can join in their company. Finally, in February I became a part of it, I was so glad that time (I am still glad now :p).

Hum, there is a lot of dreams that I want to achieve. This is just one step to go to get all of my dreams. Hope all of my dreams became reality one day :), I just have to try more in struggling and I have to not easy to lose my spirit. Eventhough so many times I had wanted to change myself and it was didn’t work because of myself that always do the things inconsistently, I hope this time I won’t be like that anymore. I hope this time I became stronger when the obstacles come. Have just read the “negeri 5 menara” and I am so wanted to follow the philosophy, “man jadda wajadda”, who’s really meant it will get succeed.


Halo, salam kenal ya.

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  1. Um, I really like this post. Keep the spirit! Hehe

  2. icetea says:

    Hehe,,thank you nis ^_^

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