It’s All About Giving

Have we already give something today? Giving is not only about thing. What I mean with giving is much more than that.

I have just realized that this life is all about giving. Giving your best smile, giving your precious time to precious people, giving your maximum energy to do the office work, or just giving your best potential to do the things you can do with the best result.

Focusing on giving will make us live the better life. It could be more peaceful and we could be more grateful. What’s the connection about giving and grateful, you asked? When we giving something with our heart, we will not really care what we can get. We don’t really care if we get nothing from giving. But we will be soo much grateful if we get something unexpectedly. Yea, just care about giving. Anywhere. Anytime. Would you?


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When we have no intention in always giving, we will be live in sorrow. Also, we will always be envious in what other people can get. On the other hand, if we always giving, the blessed that we can get from Allah SWT will always be seen. So that, there is no sorrow or feeling envy. It’s a better life, isn’t it?

Hope I could always be giving the best of me. To my family, my environment and my only one God, Allah SWT 🙂


Halo, salam kenal ya.

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