10 Things Make You Happy Today

I want to list the 10 things make me happy everyday starting last Sunday, November 25th 2012.


No, I don’t want to write down all of those in this blog. I’m just saying and sharing those 10 things with my husband right before we go to sleep 😀

So, I have an idea to think about things that make me happy everyday right before I’ve watched the “Hitam Putih” show with Dian Sastro as a guest. She said that to get the mood to do everything is to set our mind with happiness. And, a way to make her happy everyday is to think all the good stuff happened that day. So, she listed 10 things that make her happy everyday.

Yea, I kind of like her idea. So the next day, I tried to do that. And it worked. All the good stuff just popped out in my mind when I think about the things make me happy. That way, we can decrease all the bad feelings we have and remembering just the good ones.

And, this can make you happy everyday. Everyday.

even though you have 1000 reasons to be sad, there will always be a reason to be happy


Halo, salam kenal ya.

Aku Istiana Sutanti, seorang ibu dari 3 orang perempuan yang hobi sekali mengajak anak-anak untuk traveling bersama.

Di blog ini aku sharing pengalaman traveling kami sekeluarga plus pelajaran parenting yang aku dapatkan, baik dari pengalaman pun dari seminar parenting.

Semoga kalian suka membaca pengalaman traveling kami dan semoga membantu untuk menentukan tujuan traveling kalian berikutnya! ;)

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