A Little Surprise Made My Day

On Naia’s birthday, I’ve got a little surprise from my husband, which is a box of chocolate. For the first, I thought that chocolate was for Naia (because it’s her birthday, right?).


Me: is it for me or Naia?
My husband: of course you, it said “Gift for you” not “Gift for kids”
Me: (between zzz and flattered). What for?
My husband: nothing, just wanted to give you, it’s been a long time I haven’t give you some surprise, did I?
Me: *blushing and happy, can’t stop smiling that morning :D*

Some people said, a little of surprises can make a relationship getting stronger. Couldn’t agree more on that one. Of course because it happens to me.

It wasn’t the first time he gave me a little gift as a surprise though. But still, every time he did it, it always makes me love him more and more.

It’s true that before the marriage, I have expectations about romantic husband. But after the marriage, that expectations somehow forgotten. Oh, there is one explanation actually, because I have already so happy and feeling so blessed that he wanted to marry me and becoming my husband. So, when finally I’ve got that kind of husband, I feel so more blessed. Allah do really give me the best 😀

Every time I remember that side of him, it will always makes me smile and helping me to relieve my emotions. Seriously, when I got mad or we’ve got some problem each other, sometimes I just remembering those part of him. The part that always love me, the part that always encourage me, the part that helping me facing my baby blues, and the part that giving me some little surprises. By doing that, I then realized that I am being loved by a great, romantic, and “family man” husband. 😀

So, on this day I just want to say thanks to you. Yes, you! You read this, don’t you? Hehee

Thanks for all the love you always give me and Naia, for all the good times, for all good things that happened to us, and for loving me because of Allah.

Happy 4th anniversary dear, hope our love will be lasting forever and hope we will be gathering in His Jannah later on 😀

Your wife :*

My Everyday Makeup with 1-Day Acuvue Define

Wihihi, jarang-jarang banget yaah ngomongin tentang make up make up-an di siniii. Tapi sebagai perempuan, ya saya make up an juga donk ah. Setelah menikah malah lebih rajin cari tau ini itu tentang make up, biar suami makin seneng gitu deh, hehe. Terlihat cantik itu wajib hukumnya di depan suami. Malah kalau suami lagi libur, terkadang saya juga make up-an buat di rumah aja, buat menyenangkan hati suami gituh. 😀

Dandan Biar Suami Senang

Tapi, apa make up yang dimaksud itu yang menor dan full kayak kondangan? Ya enggak lah, saya mah tipis-tipis jeh kalo pakai make up, paling-paling ya bedak & lipstik ajah, akhir-akhir ini aja yang ditambahin alis. Huhuhu, padahal mah alis meni tipis, tapi baru nyadar beberapa bulan terakhir aja buat nebelinnya. Yasudah lah ya, tidak ada kata terlambat kan yaaa. Hehehe.

Ditambah lagi sekarang juga lagi demen-demennya pakai softlens. Iyaaah, karena sayah punya 1-Day Acuvue Define ituh loh, makanya jadi seneng pakai softlens buat bepergian. Selang seling sih memang, kadang pakai softlens kadang enggak. Nah berhubung kalau pakai softlens mata jadi terekspose secara lebih banyak, jadilah harus lebih pintarr lagi memberi riasan pada mata ituh, wehehe.

So, here’s my everyday make up: